About Invariance.Poker

Invariance.Poker is a Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise established for the purpose of creating and contributing value to the Poker Community. We see that many current forms of Non-Profits are archaic, and that modern technology now enables new forms of Social Enterprises that are more efficient and transparent.  We will integrate startup methodologies with the latest technology such as Blockchain and NFTs into our model for the purpose of transparency and disclosure as well as to set a precedent for future Not-for-Profit enterprises.

We will research to produce educational and inspirational content as it relates to Poker and Life, and to disseminate that knowledge to the Poker Community in a way that will provide context and profound understandings. Our goal is to provide poker players with applicable ideas and concepts that they can apply both at the poker tables and throughout their daily lives. Our concepts will revolve around Poker, Yoga, & Meditation.