(NFT) How It Works

The receiving is in the giving, and win-win situations are nice. Rather than simply donating your money to us, we'd like for you take a chance and take part in our action for Live Stream Games. We may also use hands from these Live Stream Games as contents for later podcasts and vlogs.

By purchasing an NFT, you now get a piece of our action. Terms and Conditions of each NFT will be specified in each series. Here is an example of how it works: 

  • Assume we issue 100 NFTs Series X for 100% profit-sharing at $100 per NFT. This will provide a bankroll of $10,000.
  • Assume we win $10,000. There is a $5000 profit share, making the total bankroll $15,000. We will buy the NFTs back at $150, giving the owner a $50 profit per NFT.
  • Assume we lose $5000. There is a $5000 shared loss. The bankroll will be $5000. We will buy the NFTs back at $50 for a $50 loss per NFT.
  • You can also donate to us by not selling back your NFT.

The buyback period will have a designated time period with usually 168 hour (7 days) buyback timeframe.