Invariance.Poker Ideology

We have found a Hack to Life, and it is Poker & Yoga! Simply put, we can use Poker to train our mind and become more mentally fit and complement it with Yoga to bring about a Total Wellness. We would like to share this hack with you. We will use Poker as context to answer many of Life’s tough questions, and provide you with a systematic, methodical, and practical way to exercise both your mind and body.

Our methodologies will bring you an enjoyable format to reformulate your negative beliefs and help reduce physiological arousal. Our goal is to promote Life Wellness, both mentally and physically by introducing Poker as a form of Cognitive Therapy. We encourage a balanced life, where there is the proper amount of pleasure and pain. In this context, pleasure is generally anything that we like, and pain is generally anything that is good for us. Too much pleasure or pain is not good for us. If we are off balance, our wellness will likely decrease.

We must have both discipline and effort in our daily lives. We need to put forth the effort each day to stay disciplined, and stay disciplined each day to put forth the effort; one begets the other in a positive feedback loop. We should eat well, exercise, and get plenty of rest. We should take care of our body so that we can be in position to take care of our mind. We should to be more in control of our thoughts, and realize that happiness is within our control. We should to live in the present moment.

What we are saying has been regurgitated many times; a lot of shoulda. They sound nice, but few of us act upon them even though we know it is what can elevate us from our current position in life. Why is that? Why do we like to do things that are bad for us, and avoid things that are good for us?

It is because there is no context to the meanings of what is being said. We lack the insight to realize the depth of these meanings. They just sound nice, but have no real value to most of us. Otherwise, we would have acted upon them already because as humans, we act upon what we perceive as the most profitable for us. The concepts listed above just do not sound profitable to most people. It is because the realization for profound understanding is not there yet.

Direct experience is what gives us insight for this realization. When we directly experience something, we connect with it. Through these connections, we realize what something really means. We now really understand the pain of getting Aces cracked. We can study a mango our entire life and will never know what it really tastes like. No amount of study and outside knowledge will ever be enough. We only need to eat a mango to know what it tastes like. 

Invariance.Poker will use poker as a form of Cognitive Therapy to show poker players how we can use our direct experiences at the poker table to give us context into an ideas' meanings. Our direct experiences will provide the needed empirical evidences for insight. Through the Lens of Poker, we will finally understand some of life's open secrets that have been hidden in plain sight.

Invariance.Poker will provide logical, systematic, and practical concepts that can be iterated and practiced at the poker table as a form of training to both increase one's poker game and one's mental cognition. Perception shapes Reality. By increasing our perception, we can slowly shape our reality. Once we are no longer a slave to our minds and thoughts, our Game of Poker and Game of Life will get better.