Stake (Live Streams)

The receiving is in the giving, and win-win situations are nice. Rather than simply donating your money to us, we'd like for you take a chance and stake us for Live Stream Games. We would like to use hands from these Live Stream Games as contents for later podcasts and vlogs.

We will announce Stream Games that we plan to participate in under our Events tab and will open it up for staking. There is no make-up; each event and result is independent of each other. Profits and Losses is 100% divided between Stakers based on pool equity contribution percentage. If we win, we'd like for you to donate us a piece of your winnings so we can keep doing entertaining and engaging activities like this.

Staking will be open up to one hour before the official start time, and total amount staked will be announced.

Please see our Blog 6 for more details.

(email us at if you are interested)